A Taste to Remember

wormholeA few weeks ago I decided to purchase a coffeepot because I’ve been spending an absurd amount of money at Starbucks and could no longer justify doing so. There is nothing like a venti size triple gingerbread latte upside down, but I was sure that I would learn to love coffee made from home.

Of course the only way that I would completely enjoy homemade coffee is if the coffeepot was top of the line. Since I knew absolutely nothing about coffee pots the first thing that I did was look at reviews online. If you get a second, type coffee pots in to the Google search bar and you’ll quickly realize just how difficult this process was for me. Anyhow, after a few hours I narrowed it to the one that I decided to purchase.Making coffee at home is a great way to save money, and in most instances you can get the same quality as Starbucks offer.
coffee cupA week ago I met a friend for coffee at my favorite coffee shop, The WormHole. I’ve gone to The WormHole  a few times a month for at least two years  before buying my cool new coffee pot and consider it one of the best coffee shops in the city. Everything about this place will remind you of the 80’s. There is an old school television with a Nintendo hooked up to keep you hanging around for hours, a ton of cool 80’s posters on the walls and I’m sure you’ll truly enjoy the DeLorean that’s parked right inside the shop. All of the things that I just mentioned are great, but I’ve intentionally saved the best for last, which is the amazingly tasty  coffee! I wish I could go on some long rant about the type of beans that are used, but there is no need for that… Just take my word for it. If you’re walking down Milwaukee Ave and find yourself in need of a pick me up, stop into The WormHole Coffee shop. Good Luck! And Feel Free to leave a comment telling everyone about your experience or recommendations for us.

Why Go:  Excellent coffee at a great price, Nintendo games for days, and fantastic enviroment

Recommendtion: Get the Coo Coo Puffs!