Shopping, Shopping, and More Shopping!

Chicago shoppingIn America shopping has become away of life. Break up with your boyfriend? And  your girlfriends take you shopping for that awesome dress, that you’ll be wearing out later that night to help you get over him. You’re a guy that’s sick of being average? Well Nordstrom will help you “redefine” yourself.

I’ll never forget the first time I stepped foot in Shady Brook Mall. I know what you’re thinking, “Where in the world is Shady Brook Mall?” Well Shady Brook Mall is about 500 miles south of Chicago in a small town called Columbia Tennessee. Yup, At 10 years old I set out to be the most fashionable kid in the 6th grade. That year, A ridiculous amount of my time  was spent looking through fashion magazines, and trying to convenience my mother that I would not survive without buying something from the mall. She always promised me that I wouldn’t lose a leg. Guess she was right!

Fast forward 18 years and lo and behold! I’m still crazy about fashion. Anytime I’m having a bad day, a trip down Michigan Ave. usually puts thing back into prospective. My girlfriend is just as crazy about fashion as me. The only difference between me and her, is the fact that she refuses to pay full price for clothes unless she absolutely loves a certain item.  This past summer she came across Chicago Premium Outlet and was dying to go! Reluctantly, I agreed to go with her.

Chicago Premium Outlet is located at 1650 Premium Outlets Boulevard Aurora, IL 60502. It took about 40 minutes to get there, mall pic
but to my surprise, it was well worth it. The little 6th grade boy that thought he couldn’t survive without buying something from the mall was just dying to get out. The thing that I loved most about Chicago Premium Outlet is that all you can always find what you’re looking for and more times than not you’ll have no problem finding things in the size that you prefer, which was one of the biggest reasons why I never thought to shop at a outlet mall. After hour of shopping, we no longer had enough hands to carry all our bag, so we decided to call it a day. We’ve been back countless times since that first trip in the over the summer and I’ve always seemed to find something that I just had to have. I’m hoping that you’ll have just has much luck here as I do. P.S. Save Some stuff for me!

Why Go: Excellent selection of stores to choice from, Safe, and great deals.

Recommendations: Its best to get there early because parking can be a pain.