Restaurant of The Week: Big Star

IMG_2204When I moved to Chicago two years ago people constantly bombarded me with all things Chicago, as if I would somehow vanish into thin air if I didn’t try Chicago deep-dish pizza. Over time I started to realize that many of the places that had been recommended to me were places that were well known throughout the city, which doesn’t always mean that the food is the best in the city. From past experience I’ve found that it’s places off the beaten path that will surprise you most. After only a few months of living in Chicago I had been up to my neck in places that people recommended, so when a friend told me how amazing Big Star was, I just added it to the long list of “great restaurants that I just have to try.”

IMG_2194Over time I’ve heard more and more people talk about how fantastic Big star is, but for some reason I was still unconvinced. I’ve walked past the restaurant on several occasions and have seen endless amounts of people waiting to order at the walk up window, but still this didn’t convince me that it was worth trying. Anytime that my friends and I go out in the wicker pack area they like to finish off the night with a trip to Big Star. In the past I’ve always made an excuse as to why I wasn’t going to eat, but this time my friend Felipe didn’t let me off the hook. After much deliberation I didn’t decided to try the Taco De Panza (pork belly). I figured that I would have one taco and then never have to deal with my friends pestering me about trying the tacos. But to my surprise the $3 taco was amazing!  Right away my friends could see the look of satisfaction on my face, and they seemed to have the look of “I told you so on their faces”. Rather than waiting around for them to tell me what I figured was just minutes away from coming out of one of their mouth, I decided to head back to the window. This time I ordered two Taco De Pescado (fish taco). Again, with every bite I felt as if I was  tasting a little piece of heaven. Within a few seconds both tacos were gone! I could help feeling like I had been missing out this whole time. I hope that you don’t! Leave a comment telling us what you think about Big Star